Beverly Decker Art





                 Visual Meditation / Abstract Calligraphy


                My recent artwork is titled “ Visual Meditation / Abstract Calligraphy”.   This theme has been ongoing throughout my career as an artist.  It is inspired by my life including the study of Eastern and Western Philosophy and Mysticism.

                I consider my work as a meditative, spiritual  (not religious ) practice.  Philosophically, I feel that everything is spiritual and therefore making art is a spiritual experience, literally a visual meditation.

                Artist’s like Joan Tanner influence me.  “Persistence of inconsistency,” and “My way of dealing with inexplicable things.”

                Handwriting, considered drawing in some cultures, sometimes expresses the movement of the art.  The first layer might include images, realistic or abstract, the next transparent layers might include symbols or words, visually repeating the theme. The last layer is sometimes made to represent a sound  or movement like wind. 

                 Included in some of the art are words and or quotes from diverse sources including artists, philosophers, poets, scientists, and spiritual leaders from all faiths and walks of life, in several languages.

                   Some of the images are the Milky Way, a triptych of the Sun, the Moon and the Earth seen from space.  Joseph Campbell called the image of the earth from space, the Icon of our time.  Other images are birds, mandalas, people, trees, landscapes and more.  Each of the images was chosen as a symbol.   The combination of realism or abstraction, symbols,  and layers of translucent colors create a vibratory field , veils. 

                  The mediums used are acrylic, oil, watercolor, ink, printmaking, photography and mixed media. 


                    There are changes in color perception when viewed in different light. 


Artist Statement